Starting Point Level: [+250]
Disadvantage Limit: [-75]
Quirks: [-5] additional
Templates: The templates from GURPS Action are a good starting point, with a few modifications to better fit the setting.

Tech Level

Effective Tech Level: TL 8-9

Most characters live a TL 8 life with some exposure to TL 9 technology.

As a general rule, TL 8 equipment costs list price and is common. TL 9 technology costs 5x list price for reliable, manufactured versions, or list price for home-made, unreliable versions.

Actual Tech Level: TL 10

The Marathon is a TL 10 ship, and Earth was a TL 10 society with the Barnacles left. Thus, Barnacles still have access to TL 10 Earthgoods, Moongoods and Marsgoods, but these are rare and expensive artifacts. 

TL 10 technology costs 25x list price for Earthgoods, or is experimental super-science that is, best-case, wildly unreliable and worst-case catastrophically dangerous.

Languages and Cultural Familiarity

The Native Language of the BarnAcc is English, peppered with bits of Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish. However, many earth languages are spoken by smaller enclaves, and can serve as Secret Languages among individuals.

Native Cultural Familiarity is "BarnAcc," the amalgam of cultures of people clinging to the side of the Marathon. For familiarity with a specific culture (e.g., Western, Eastern, Islamic/Middle Eastern, Carribean, etc) pay the normal [+1] point per familiarity.


  • Techno Shaman
  • Communications Technologist
  • Colonist Obsessive
  • Mechanic
  • Vacuum Worker
  • Scientist/Physicist
  • Religious Leader/Mystic
  • Agriworker
  • Petty Criminal (Drug Dealer, Enforcer)
  • Merchant: Fixer, Deal Maker, Acquirer of Lost Things
  • Criminal Overlord
  • Peacekeeper/Investigator


Common, useful advantages:

Signature Gear

TL9 and TL10 gear can be purchased as Signature Gear at List Price (not the price-with-multiplier mentioned above).

3d Spacial Sense
G Tolerance
Temperature Tolerance

Exotic sensory abilities (enhanced Vision, Taste, Smell, Hearing, etc) are available with this, as is Resistance, Tolerance, Silence, Striker, Teeth, Horns, Healing, Filter Lungs, Modular Abilities, Vacuum Support, Wild Talent, Regeneration, Pressure Support, Nictating membrane, etc. 

Cybernetics are uncommon, but it not rare enough to demand an Unusual Background. Many Cybernetics are not apparent without a medical examination. Characters with obvious cybernetics should take the Unnatural Features disadvantage. Characters that openly use their cybernetics to do things normal people can't do should take a minor Odious Personal Habit. Characters who use cybernetics to do things normal people can't do secretly should take a Secret.  


Administrative Rank

Administrative Rank refers to your position in the Council. 

  • Rank 0: Administrative functionary
  • Rank 1: Council Member (Status 2)
  • Rank 2: Committee Member (Status 2)
  • Rank 3: Member of a Powerful committee, Chair of a lesser committee (Status 2)
  • Rank 4: Faction Leader or Chair of a Powerful committee (Status 3)
  • Rank 5: President of the Council (Status 5)

Police Rank

The Peacekeepers is the police force of the BarnAcc. It is composed of about 100 Citizens that have passed some rigorous physical and mental tests, and that have passed a psych profile to weed out psychopaths and power-seekers. Except where noted, all titles require Legal Enforcement Powers [+5].

  • Rank 0: Beat Cop
  • Rank 1: Watch Commander, SWAT (Legal Enforcement Powers [+10])
  • Rank 2: Lieutenant, Investigator (Legal Enforcement Powers [+10])
  • Rank 3: Precinct Captain (Status 1), Investigator General (Legal Enforcement Powers [+10])
  • Rank 4: District Commander (Status 2)
  • Rank 5: General of the Peace (Status 3)

Religious Rank

The dark reaches of space have made many of the Barnacle cling to religious faith in a way that seemed to be dying out back on old Earth. Given this, religious hierarchies wield considerable influence and temporal power in the BarnAcc. Anyone taking Religious Rank must have Clerical Investment [+5], but that simply gives someone the power of a Novice. Greater power to control other religious figures, the flock, and its resources comes with Religious Rank. Different religeons will have different titles for each 

  • Rank 0: Novice, Acolyte, Street Preacher
  • Rank 1: Priest
  • Rank 2: Bishop, Grand Priest, Deacon   (Status 1)
  • Rank 3: Archbiship, Archdeacon  (Status 3)
  • Rank 4: Cardinal (Status 3)
  • Rank 5: Pope (Status 4)


  • Status -1: Criminal, Non-Citizen – every citizen is expected to take on one of the dangerous and necessary jobs for maintaining the BarnAcc. Everyone has the right to refuse, but to do so results in being refused the right to vote 
  • Status 0: Average Citizen
  • Status 1: Respected Citizen
  • Status 2: Council Member, Heroic citizen
  • Status 3: High Ranking Committee member
  • Status 4: Pope, Founder (Petros Zero and a few others from early in the first wave) 
  • Status 5: Council President




Engineering and Scientific skills – common
Social and Influence skills – my games are highly social, so these skills are very valuable
Unarmed Combat Skills – common
Melee Weapon Skills – common
Gun Skills are uncommon – metal slugs are too likely to do damage to a fragile hull, but needles and rubber bullets are well known
Beam Weapon Skills uncommon – stunners and small lasers are used, as they can be modulated for no hull penetration


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